Tuesday, 10 November 2009

All Work.................!!!

............and no play makes Manicstamper a dull!!!
I have made cards at work today but couldn't bring them home to photograph as there was stuff still drying on them and I didn't want to risk spoiling them. I'll bring them home tomorrow............and guess what..........not a Christmas card to be seen.
Since coming home I have managed to rack up six new year cards but they need something just to finish them off. So I have been busy........just got nothing to show for it at the moment.

Hubby has bought me a new kitchen gadget.......he is soooooo!!!
Anyway he has bought me an Actifry so that he can have chips again........ooh he does make me laugh!!!
We tried it last night and I was quite impressed so can't wait to try other things in it it looks dead posh sitting on the counter!!!

Had a busy day at the shop today besides making cards. For some reason stamps have been a big seller today with quite a few ladies buying them who have never stamped before. Does my heart good to welcome newbies into the fold. I love to see the excitement when someone is trying something they haven't done before.......I am a soft old bat.

I'm a bit shattered tonight so I am going to have a lovely cuppa while I surf the net for a while and then an earlier than usual night as I have to be out early in the morning.

Thanks for your visit.

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