Monday, 29 June 2009

It's Snowing!!!

Another white card. This time with a tiny touch of blue in the gingham ribbon and the gemstone.
I was going to take pics of the anniversary cards I finished off but man has it been dark up there today. We have had a belting thunder storm and torrential rain with howling wind. It got so bad that hubby had to go out and take down the gazebo before it flew off somewhere. No one point the rain was horizontal as it lashed across the back garden. It hasn't cooled the air much though.
DD finished her very last stint of nine night shifts this morning and I am so relieved as it was really getting her down. She has a week off now and then she will go onto a straight seven on and seven off pattern which will be so much better.
The little angel went into town when she got up and she came back with two new Adirondack Lights ink pads and a couple of sheets of gorgeous paper for me........and totally forgot to buy what she actually went into town for........a DVD that was due out today. Something called The Unborn which I shall so NOT be watching. I've had enough frights for one day thank you very much. While it was thundering DD came into my workroom while I was looking out of the window and because the rain was beating so hard on the roof I didn't hear her. I turned around from the window and there she was. Well I screamed and just about gave her a heart attack and myself as well.......then we both collapsed in a heap of giggles. God I love that girl!!!
Just had a nice cold shower so I am going to curl up with a coffee before I go and clear the desk off ready for work when I get back from the shop tomorrow. I really need to do some stamping so if the desk is clear I will get some done.
I'll stop waffling now.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Another beautifully simple white card Sheila. You make designing cards look like child's play when I know it's not.

    We've had not one spot of rain here in Mansfield, just the promise of an even hotter day tomorrow. Gawd I find it so exhausting!

    Lesley Xx

  2. Wonderful to see something snowy in all this horrible heat! :)

  3. I wish I had a DD like yours Sheila ! I love this card, it's really classy. Sue C x


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