Sunday, 14 June 2009

Doin' What I Gotta!!!

Hi Folks
Most of this weekend has been spent catching up on card orders and other 'must do' things rather than being able to play.
Most of the oreders have been rather personal to the clients so I am not able to show those. The one I am finishing off at the moment I will be able to show tomorrow and it's a proper shocker.............decoupage...........not a huge favourite of mine but the brief for the order led me in that direction. Plus it's an A4 card which I have never done before.

I did go out with hubby yesterday for a ride out and yes I did do a bit of crafty shopping but it was mostly boring things like envelopes and bags.
I took him for a drink at a pub he likes and then we had a car picnic at Morrison's in Derby. It was so nice to get out of the house and away from work for a bit.

Today I have been up in my room being slowly driven mad by the noise of drills, mowers, hammers, mini motorbikes, power name it and it has been in use somewhere on the estate at some point today. Whatever happened to peaceful Sunday's.

Anyhoo......I'm off for a bath and then to get ready for work tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by.

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