Thursday, 22 March 2007

Talk about a shock!!! In the nicest possible way.

Well I had one of the nicest shocks I have ever had today.
There I was at work sat making a card. I'd heard someone come through the door but as the boss was seeing to customers while I finished the card I hadn't looked up as I usually do. All of a sudden this voice says 'hello Sheila' and you will never guess who was standing there.........our Wendy (AnnTaurus).
Well I just about fell off my chair I can tell you.
Wendy and I have met before.........last year at a meeting of forum members from Crafts by Carolyn but this was a total surprise.
We had a smashing chat and I also got to meet her 'knight in shining armour' who is absolutely fab. I don't think I have ever seen anyone smile so much...generally men who come into craft shops don't do smiling!!!
A great finish to the week........thanks Wendy.........come back soon.
I'm having to share a card I made some time ago today as I had such a lot to do when I got home from work.The stamp is by Paper Artsy and is amongst my most favourite.I usually use quite subdued colours with these stamps but the paper I have used was the last of a sheet that needed using.This card evolved over several hours as I put the paper onto the card and then laid it to one side, then I did the stamping and laid it to the side again.The letters have been cut from various materials using a Sizzix alphabet.......the 'n' is an upside down 'u' and just to add a touch of quirkiness I replaced the 'i' with the keyhole....also a Sizzix die.
Well I still have quite a bit of work to do (just taking a break for five minutes) so I had best go and get it done as if I finish it tonight I should get all day to play tomorrow.......yipeeeeeeeee!!!
Bye for now


  1. Oh I can imagine the creative energy happening with you two in the one room... it would be WONDERFUL!!!!!...
    Sheila this card is AMAZING!!! how you've thought to use the keyhole for the I.. you are just way tooo clever!


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