Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Daring Cardmakers-Get Well Soon

I make and sell lots of Get Well Soon cards so always have lots in stock.
Always very simple so that they are quick and easy to do as I like to keep the price down on them. People don't seem to want to spend a lot on things like Get Well Soon, Thank You or With Sympathy. I mostly do A C6 card with no insert.
As I make it a rule to not make more than 12 of one design, unless it's a flyer, the cards in these ranges tend to change by the week and depend a lot what bits I have lying around.
Thought I was going to have to write on one of these for DS earlier today......eeeeeeh I could have sent him into the middle of next week I really could. He's off to Tenerife on Friday so has started his packing. To give him his due he has washed and dried any special clothes he wants to take but after a morning sorting out the house and most of the afternoon sorting out paperwork and just as I had put tea on to cook he came and asked me to put a new zip in a pair of shorts he wanted to take with him. Now if there is a sewing job I loathe above all others it's replacing zips so my reply was neither ladylike or motherly, but one look from his big brown eyes and I'm a pushover so the job is done. Tea was later than expected and a little well done around the edges!!!
Feeling a bit tired now so when Andy comes in I am off for a bath. If it wakes me up I shall be back to do some stamping.........if it soothes me I shall be having an early night to bed for a change and a nice read of me book which I haven't looked at for a few days......very unlike me.
Oooooh nearly forgot.......Paula D.......just in case you are reading this........thank you so much for the it's beautiful.
Bye for now


  1. These are fantastic cards Sheila

  2. Your cards are lovely Sheila and must certainly cheer up anyone who recives one.
    Love the yellow one, it's so bright and cheerful

  3. Lovely cards Sheila... and you are so organised having so many... I'm always a last minute person :)

  4. now you see when I do simple it looks simple, when you do simple it looks elegant!... all of these are lovely Sheila..


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