Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Spring is sprung....the grass is ris.........

I wonder where the birdies is..........?

Well there has been no shortage of birds in our garden today.

When I got home from work they were all stuffing their faces on the newly replenished bird was like a Hitchcock film out!!!

Busy, busy busy at the shop today. Two workshops, one rep turned up right time wrong day, one rep right day and right time and two reps turned up who had not booked it was verging on Bedlam at about 3pm......but good fun and lots of new goodies to look forward to.......I hope you will all visit me in the debtors prison when I bankrupt myself buying all the new BG the boss!!!

I've been having a bit of fun tonight too making a card for the Spring Flowers challenge on Ink Stains.

This card is sooooooo not my usual style.....which is what made it fun.

It has helped me to relax a bit as I am just in the middle of another visit from the Migraine Monster. It hurts but not enough for me to be lying about on the sofa so this has taken my mind off it a bit.

So I have stamped and embossed some flowers from the Elusive Images set and painted them with my twinklies(H20'S) and added some Diamond Stickles. Layered them over a piece of pale orange card cut into a pot shape and then cut around the flowers for a shaped card.........the blue background isn't part of the card.......I just put that in during scanning.

The word Spring has been cut on Jimminy Cricut.

I took a break halfway through to watch the final part of Fallen Angel the drama which started on Sunday night. They obviously showed all the best bits on the trailers because halfway through the second of the three parts I was losing the will to live. Watching part three was absolute flaming torture.........but you just 'have to' don't you? I couldn't not watch it as I might have missed a good bit which would have been compensation for wasting four and a half hours of my life watching!!!

Hubby took DD out today to look for a car for herself and she found what she wanted so Friday when she picks it up we shall be a three car family. It's a good job I don't drive else we'd have cars coming out of our ears.

I'm not happy about the number of cars we have but as the bus service out here doesn't fit in with work timetables or locations it is unavoidable.

Well I am just trying to decide whether or not to start a new project now or go and get some sleep and start it tomorrow.........I think I'll make my decision over a nice cup of tea.

Bye for now then



  1. You are just too damn clever :):)

  2. Sheila, I hope your migraine wasn't the result of trying to teach G. & I how to stick peeloffs down forever!!! xx

  3. Ha Ha Ha.........I could be cruel and let you take the blame...........but I got it long before Tuesday.xx


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