Saturday, 17 March 2007

Daring Cardmakers-Random

Oh bxxxxr.........I just realised I did this wrong and we weren't supposed to add anything extra...........back to the mixing bowl for me then...........stupid!!!
I wasn't going to have a go at this week's dare from Daring Cardmakers because I do like to plan my work usually in respect of technique. But then I thought.....oh gawd stop being such a wimp and get on with it.

I put in a mix of things that I have had for a long time and things I haven't had so long but haven't used yet.
This is what came out of the hat.....actually the mixing bowl

Decorative brads.........I have tons but rarely use them as I love round ones.
Matt black card......bought last summer and never touched.
Tin of K&Co Chipboard Tags and shapes......bought last May and never touched.

I sat there totally flummoxed for about 2 hours and just about gave up as I was trying to make the elements fit into my style of card and had absolutely no inspiration whatsoever.

Back at the drawing board I had a bit of a stamp onto the black card. This card looks like it has been painted with blackboard paint so I thought I'd try stamping in white ink and it looked fab. A hefty dose of inspiration from Gillian Hamiltons style of cards and I was away.
All in all I think this card has taken me about five hours to make so I don't think I will be making many of!!!

Other items used
My bargain clear flourish stamp set
Dunelm bloom
Spotty ribbon
DCWV paper
Silver mirror card
White card blank
Peeloff words

The buckle thing was coloured with a Stazon ink pad as it was a bit of a strange colour.

Had a lovely morning out this morning with DD. She has her own car now so she wanted to take me out for a ride.
We started off at Bridgemere Garden Centre and went to Hobbycraft where I picked up a couple of bargain stamps.......2 for £1.99. Didn't get much else as I was a tad naughty at the shop on Thursday and spent a bit too much money.
Then we went on to Trentham Gardens by which time the sun was out and it was a beautiful day to walk around the shopping village.
DD bought me a lovely jumper and t shirt from Cotton Traders and we went and bought sweets from the old fashioned sweet shop. They sell all the things you remember buying as a child........such a fun shop to visit.
Came home and promptly fell asleep which I blame on the fresh air.
It's gone awfully windy outside now and I can't believe they are predicting snow after the gorgeous weather we had today, still..........bring it on......I do like a bit of!!!
Well I have a bit of a thing going now for stamping in white on this black card so I'm off for a play as it's given me a few ideas for Father's Day cards for the shop.
Bye for now


  1. Love this card, very striking!

  2. Oh Sheila, I do love reading your blog - you always make me smile - but this one made me LOL
    The card is great - just a shame that you now have to do another one because you cheated sooooo much, I know I cheated a little bit but I reckon you beat me by miles!

    Looking forward to seeing the "real" dare card - looking at the stuff you picked out I think maybe you need to use at least pick no4 to help you out! fingers crossed.

  3. You Crack me up!!!.. this is such a fun post to read Sheila..
    I let you in on a little secret, I was 'flummoxed' with my dare card too, for a bit... {love that word by the way, I think I'll be using it all week..LOL!}
    Anyway back to this DEVINE card.. It's just down right GORGEOUS...

  4. You may have gone all wrong for the dare card but it is an absolute darling card. You do make me smile with your accounts. V V windy here today too - and I think a few flakes of snow have been felt in the air.

  5. well whatever you did, its a fab card! I can see Gillian's influence, but you know what... I so do NOT blame you! Well done, beautiful colour and element combos!

  6. Hi Sheila

    I think I know you from somewhere ? lol

    wonderful creations you have ! aw shucks abt doing the dare "wrong" - but what a card ! gorgeous!

    smiles, Pearl

  7. Gorgeous Sheila, and Im glad you read the instructions wrong and cheated because otherwise we wouldn't have seen your amazing card!

  8. Lol, you did make me chuckle with your cardmaking tales... the card is gorgeous, at least by having a 'happy accident' we got to see a marvellous creation :)

    jo xx


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