Sunday, 18 March 2007

Daring Cardmakers Episode 2

I can't believe I did the challenge wrong yesterday......what an idiot......I must have got it mixed up in my mind with a previous challenge I had read somewhere or something.

Anyway I've been back to the mixing bowl and here's what I got......

A piece of paper from scrapbox
Glitter glue

Even deeper despair than yesterday but I managed to make a very simple card by going over the pattern on the paper with the glitter glue and tying the ribbon around it once it was dry.
I was tempted to have another item from the bowl in the hope of getting a stamp to add a greeting but decided against it in the end.

Hopefully this time I got it!!!


  1. Lovely Sheila but weren't you a tad hard on yourself picking only three items??!! You are much braver than me!

    By the way - sorry the duster is still in my hand but has called me to the lounge - maybe next time ha ha!!

  2. Oh Sheila... you've made it so hard for yourself hun... you know you could have 4 or 5 things...

    how's about making another one..LOL!!!only kidding....LOL!!!

    Tis such a pretty card tho hun.. that is just the prettiest paper..

  3. When I saw what I got for the first three I thought....quit while you're ahead!!!
    I was dreading what would come out next.
    Still now I have a list of things that want using up I shall carry on working with them and make space for some new stuff.....ha ha ha!!!

  4. I think this is lovely Sheila
    The paper is gorgeous and a touch of glitter just emphasises that, as does the ribbon - it looks really pretty.

    You're a star- and I know why you didn't go back to the mixing bowl - the next thing out would have been eitehr peeloffs or Iris-folding....

  5. Sheila

    I love BOTH cards - your work is fabulous as always!

    So are you back in your comfort zone now? xxxx
    Love Bex

  6. Well I think your mixing bowl turned out a lovely card even if it is not 'your style'. PP reminds me of a technique I think I saw on Anntaurus blog using background stamps to make a backing sheet, which I want to have a try at - but just have not done so yet!

  7. Less is more in this case, its a simply sweet card. The ribbon you've choosen goes well, and the glitter is just a lovely highlight for the paper.

  8. The glitter is perfect for the paper and the paper is just yummy! Sweet and delicate ;o)

    ~ Sam

  9. Sheila

    You do crack us up so ! hmm no wonder " manicstamper " then ? lol

    This card is sweet too !

    lol ! Pearl

  10. LOL Sheila.
    Both card are gorgeous.
    Now you can get back to your beloved stamps ;D

  11. fab fab fab, love the first one too ~wink~ you cheat!, seriously amazing cards - I dont think you do bad cards do ya xxx

  12. I think they are both lovely cards and I cheated with gay abandon so I think you are allowed to as well!

  13. Brilliant Sheila, only 3 items and no stamps! I know what you mean about picking out yet another item, it could have been teabag folding!

    Love the card and glad to hear you're comfortably back in your safe zone, Rhi xxx

  14. So brave only picking 3 things :) Gorgeous card, so pretty. I guess it is back to the stamps though now lol

    jo xx

  15. Both are brilliant. It was such a hard challenge. I shall be happy to go back to my comfort zone too, but who knows, the next challenge might be even harder ;-).

  16. Gorgeous card Sheila.

    Andrea XX

  17. Oh you do make me laugh, I have such a lovely image of a truly exasperated Sheila! The 'mistake' card is just lovely, call it a happy accident! And this one is so pretty, you managed well with so few bits.


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