Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shaping Up!!!

I am loving how my new look lounge is shaping up. Red has always been one of my favourite colours but lately it was feeling a bit oppressive on the walls and also it was looking a bit shabby. As you know my original plan for just a coat of cream everywhere went a little awry when I spotted the Electric Teal so it has ended up as a rather larger job than it was. It is so worth it though as it is now looking very bright and smart. It may take another week or so to finish it completely as Miss Doodle will be here for three days from tomorrow and I am not sure that decorating and Ruby are a very good mix.
Today I have to cook and then get tidied up ready for the start of the new week by removing all the paint pots etc well out of Ruby's reach and I may snatch an hour or so upstairs to take some pics of cards so that I can post something crafty for a change.
It looks like the sun is out this morning so I might manage to get some washing dried on the line.
Hope you get some sunshine too.
Thanks for dropping by.

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