Friday, 13 July 2012

I Would Love.......!!!

.......a day with nothing urgent to do. No conflict of conscience where I am doing one thing but think I should really be doing one of the other thousand and one things on my to do list.
I took a day off from the decorating yesterday (and I am not even going to start on that saga) as I have orders in for sixty handmade cards at the moment. Luckily fifty of them are wedding thank you cards and so are all the same but the other ten are for DDIL's office they all have to be completely different and personalised along with a printed insert. I managed nine so one to go later today when I have done some more painting.
I'm really missing my little Doodle Bird and can't wait for a cuddle on Monday morning. The house is so quiet without her chattering and singing although I have to say that it is a lot!!!
Hopefully I should get on quite well today as Mr Manic is back at work and out from under my feet. go and shift the sofa so I can get at this wall and get rid of the last of the red.
Thanks for dropping by.

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