Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Best Laid Plans!!!

Yesterday was a non Doodle day so I decided that I would have a good sort out in our bedroom to get rid of some books and clothes. It all went very well and was done by just after lunch time so I then decided I would treat myself to a couple of hours or so designing some new cards until it was time to cook tea. Halfway through cooking tea there was a phone call from DS asking me to go down, within the hour, to the cottage to look after Ruby as he had a call to travel away for work. So the plan to go back up and finish off the cards was scuppered and by the time I got back it was time for Mr Manic to be off to bed and that was that. crabby Mrs Manic I'm afraid.
Ruby arrived in a foul mood this morning so I'm not expecting a great day today either although she has gone down for a nap so she may wake up in a bit better mood.
This time next week DD will be having her first full day in New York. I've managed to refrain from slapping her or locking her in the!!!
Right......I am off for a browse around the www while I have five minutes peace.
Thanks for dropping by.

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