Thursday, 10 May 2012


Well.....I never got my nice peaceful day upstairs on Saturday. There just seemed to be too many jobs left over from the week to finish and other jobs that needed doing. I did try to grit my teeth and ignore them but it's hard to relax and enjoy my crafting when I felt so guilty about it. Good news was though that Mr Manic thoroughly enjoyed his day at the races and he did have a modest win so he was chuffed to bits.
Sunday we had the Doodle family round for lunch to wish DD bon voyage and then Monday we waved her off on the first leg of her journey as she and her BFF were staying overnight at a hotel near the airport. Luckily they haven't had to park the car there as DDIL's mum lives nearby and so they left the car at her house and got a taxi to the airport.
I got a call on Tuesday night to say that they had arrived safely and I expect that will be all the contact I have now as she will be so busy enjoying herself.......which is just as it should be.
Yesterday I had a lovely surprise visitor. Deb who I used to work for at the craft shop popped by for a coffee and we had a good old chat catching up on gossip and news. Thanks for that made my day.
I have a nice relaxed start to the day today as Ruby won't be here until mid morning and tea for tonight is cooked. It sure makes a change I can tell you. I'm hoping the weather will play nice so that we can go out for a walk today.
Thanks for dropping by.

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