Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Bowl Of Cherries!!!

We had a lovely day out with Ruby yesterday at Trentham Gardens. Gosh it was flippin' hot though. We started off with a walk around the shopping village and the highlight of Ruby's day.....a visit to the bookshop and the very unexpected treat of lunch at Frankie and Bennies where we sat outside. Ruby gave an impromtu concert for the other diners....singing the lullaby from the film Mighty Joe Young (not in Swahili....I hasten to add) and London's Burning. She had us in fits as her favourite bit is 'fire,fire' and I had visions of a mass stampede for the exit.
Afterwards we went for a walk around the garden centre where she tested just about every furniture display and we ended up outside falling in love with the Tiki Hut. We spent a good half an hour yelling cheers as we drank pretend cocktails. Ruby thought it was fab and we had a job to get her out of there but the promise of some ladybirds on sticks to take home for the garden did the trick.
I've digiscrapped one of the pics we took using a Sweet Shoppe kit called Cherry Sweet.
Today I have been skulking up in my room away from the sunshine and heat as I ended up with a pretty bad headache after being out in it yesterday. I've done quite a bit of diecutting of big scalloped circles which I shall put to good use at the weekend.
Tomorrow is a Doodle Day and I was considering taking her swimming but I'm not sure that my little corner of the world....or any corner of it come to ready for the sight of me in a cossie so I may rethink that one.
Well it's a bit early but I think I am ready for getting my head down. The heat really does me in.
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