Tuesday, 30 August 2011


My most favourite of all my PC Crafter images are these two, love, love them. Especially the second one.
I've used Pink Petticoat snowflake and gingham papers and today's 'using up' is the wording and snowflake peeloffs.
Another productive day. Finished the nine cards I started yesterday which are the ones up yonder. I am being good and packing all the cards as they are done and I am just filling my second box of Christmas cards now. I need to make loads as I already have an order for fifty.

Just need to warn you that if I disappear from Blogland it's because I have kicked the computer down to the bottom of the garden. It is seriously getting on my nerves now. The internet won't stay connected and we have to keep resetting it. So far today we have reset it eight times. It keeps putting up a box saying 'Internet Explorer has stopped working'........I will punch it before long.

Anyhoo......tea is a-cooking so I am off to have a browse round some blogs while this heap of rubbish is behaving itself.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Fab cards Sheila, really cute Smowmen!
    I can't do anything with IE for more than a few minutes, Firefox much more stable.

  2. Really beautiful Sheila, I can see why you love the images so much.


  3. Not alone Sheila both my daughter and i are having this problem too......fallen in love with these cards i just love snowmen,is it only possible to get them on the disc,luv Georginax


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