Friday, 12 August 2011

Festive Friday!!!

Today's card is one I put together using some toppers I made up last year and some Making Memories of those annoying double sided papers that is gorgeous on both sides and you put off using because you can't decide which side to use. Anyway I bit the bullet and chopped it all up and I think there are only a few small pieces left now.
The diecuts are Cuttlebug embellished with tiny gems.

I've spent some of today doing prep for Christmas cards. Chopping up layers and making toppers ready to put together. I picked up a gorgeous set of Kanban stamps the other day so I hope to get time to play with those this weekend although I will need to tidy the desk first.
I've also done some tidying and condensing of stuff in my workroom so that I can get rid of some of the bigger boxes that fall off the shelf if I look at them never mind touch!!!

Well everybody has been fed and watered and the kitchen is nice and tidy so it's time a bit of me time. I'm missing Bones so I'm going to start again at the beginning and that will hopefully take me up to the release of season six.
Bye for now.
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  1. Beautiful card Sheila and I know exactly what you mean about double sided papers. I hit that decision making snag on a regular basis, lol! Probably why I have a cupboard full of gorgeous papers!

    Lesley Xx

  2. I just got back to this post and want to say, I too have a dilemma when it comes to double sided papers! Ugh, which side to take! Awful. I shouldn't buy them because I can never decide. Having said that, I love doing 'inches' cards, it is a great way to use those papers I have found. I love what you did with this inchie! Thanks so much for your clear instructions and inspiration, Sheila, you are still the greatest! oxoxo Ayse


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