14 August 2011

Cookin' And Craftin' Up A Storm!!!

Last week hubby got me a fabulous bargain from the staff shop at work. Huge jars of cooked, dried shallots and I have to say that I am loving using them. No more peeling and chopping of onions for a while.
Today I have used them to make a batch of Cottage Pies for the freezer, the filling for a cheese and potato flan for later in the week and a huge bowl of homemade sage and onion stuffing....some for tomorrow's tea and some for the freezer. So quite a productive few hours in the kitchen.
I have Ruby quite a lot this next week so I have also been doing lots of prep of card fronts etc so that they can be put together quite quickly. I think I prepped about fifty Christmas cards in total. They will get done in the precious hour or so I get upstairs at night when Ruby has gone home.

Well I am on a fast now until about 10am tomorrow when I have blood tests. Can't even have my bedtime cuppa which is a major trial for me. I love my bedtime cuppa more than any other drink I have in a day.
Need to keep myself busy so I am off to a few jobs instead of sitting watching Bones as I will be too tempted to put the kettle on.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hope the bloods are okay Sheila... and the dried shallots sound brilliant! xoxo

  2. Just having a catch up with your inspirational crafting. Hope the blood test went OK. I have to have fasting ones from time to time and, like you, I really miss the night time drink and also the first-thing-in-the-morning cup of tea. x


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