Monday, 1 August 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Another 'using up' card and I have to say that I thought I would end up throwing these flowers out as they seemed to be!!!
I have managed to use up every last one though.....both pink and blue....yay!!!
I'm not sure who made the corner punch I have used. It was one I got from Trentham Gardens when they used to have a small craft department.

Well it's been miserably warm here today. Not ideal when you are chasing about after an eighteen month old who had a touch of the minx about her. We are having battles trying to get her to eat proper meals and she seems to be surviving on nectarines and yoghurt at the moment. She is so like her daddy was when he was little.

No crafting tonight as I have been cooking tea for tomorrow. Mr Manic is at work until six and DD has a training course so there will be nobody to watch Ruby while I cook the evening meal. Roll on Thursday and Friday when the kitchen will be closed. We are taking Ruby out for those days and will eat out.

Right....tea is simmering nicely so I am off for a cool shower and then a veg in front of the tv watching some more Bones.
Thanks for your visit.

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