Sunday, 28 August 2011


Another week of prepping in snatched hours and no actual cardmaking. It's driving me nuts now.
Luckily I have no commitments tomorrow apart from making a bolognese sauce to go with some pasta for tea which I will get out of the way in the morning then the rest of the day I'm going to be upstairs come hell or high water.

DDIL took me shopping Friday afternoon. My normal shopping day is to whizz into Tesco and be back home in about one and a half took us four!!! After that I only had a couple of hours to whip round the house tidying before DS picked me up to go and babysit Miss Doodle. It's a good job I had spent those four hours with her as she wanted to go to bed and was asleep within half an hour of me arriving. I settled down and watch The Lovely Bones. What a fantastic film. I read the book a long time ago and loved it so didn't expect to like the film.
Yesterday I was up early and in the kitchen preparing a fabulous picnic to take to Trentham with us last night. We had a fabulous time. We ate our picnic under umberellas in the rain, we sang, we danced and arrived home just after midnight completely shattered.
I had to cry off the visit to the zoo today due to migraine so spent the day sleeping and pottering about flicking a duster and stuff.
Anyway I hope to be back with a card or two tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by.

PS.......Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger. I've had a heck of job to get this post done and I can't leave comments on blogs. It's doing my head in big time.

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  1. Hi Sheila, hope you're feeling better. Blogger playing nice with me at the moment although a couple of months ago was a different story! I also watched The Lovely Bones recently and thought it was a great film. Look forward to seeing your cards. Sandra


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