30 January 2017

T'Internet Trouble!!!

We've had problems with the landline since Friday but the internet connection has been fine.........until today so I have been unable to get on here since coming back from Derby apart from a couple of minutes before it went off.

It wasn't a long visit today. I knew what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend and I pretty much stuck to that except for an impulse buy of a lovely new address book and a book about quilting with precuts from The Works. Mind you I was lucky to find anything in there....the place was a tip. I suppose it was understandable as they still have all their clearance stock out along with trying to put out new stuff.

I found the market quite depressing today. Another stall has closed down and another one was selling off all it's stock ready to close down. I really hope the fabric stalls stay else I doubt I will be visiting Derby very much.
Since getting back I am kicking myself up my own backside for not telling the three women serving on one stall how offensive and shocking I found the conversation they were having while I was looking at patterns and fabric. A market stall is just not the place to be having that kind of conversation. They might just as well have had a microphone and spouted their nastiness to the whole market place.

Anyhoo another pattern for adding to Marlowe's summer wardrobe and some fabric has been purchased....some funky and a more traditional one. I'll take some pics to let you see tomorrow as I am now about to start playing catch up with house jobs and of course feeding my pair. Andy starts back to work at 9pm tonight although not full time just yet. He'll need feeding up before he goes though as I expect it will seem a long night.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.


  1. Hope all goes well for Andy for his first shift back. Take care.

    1. Thanks MM. He is ridiculously

  2. Sounds as though Marlowe is going to be the best dressed infant around! Good luck to Andy. x

  3. I bet Andy was knackered after his first day back. The HG is back two weeks in and it still not at pre C fitness!

  4. Hope Andy's first night back at work went well. Glad he's easing himself in gently to start with.

    I've been sewing or rather trying to. In reality I've spent the past 2 days unpicking what I don't like and starting over! Don't think I'd ever contemplate making anything for Sienna but Mum used to make little dresses for Amy and they were lovely. xx


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