Monday, 23 January 2017

Monday, Monday........!!! good to me.
Monday, Monday it was all I hoped it would be.
One of my favourite Mamas & Papas songs and summing up exactly how I feel today.
I think the bug has finally packed it's bags and I am feeling pretty good.
Time to get back to my job list and get this house back in order.

Today will mostly be food preparation.
Tea for tonight is already prepared....mackerel fishcakes which I will serve on a bed of spinach with a yoghurt based sauce and sweet potato wedges.
There is minced pork in the fridge which I will turn into a pork and bean type of thing to serve with steamed veg tomorrow.
DD loved the cous cous salad I made last week so I am making up a batch of that for her lunches over a couple of days this week and I also want to have a veg drawer sort out and see if I have anything that wants using up to make a soup.
Lots of peeling and chopping to be doing today.

The lounge is desperate for a deep clean but that can wait until tomorrow when I won't have to spend time in the kitchen and I really need to put the attic to rights. All the Christmas stuff is packed away but the boxes are dumped anyhow and need stacking. It has to be nice and tidy as me gorgeous girl is coming for the weekend on Friday.

Thank gawd I have some energy back to get things done.

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday too.


  1. That bug really did floor you didn't it Sheila. Glad you seem to be on the mend now, just try not to overdo things or you might end up back at square one - easier said than done I know.

    One good thing is at least you've been ill while Andy has been home to help you and also when he goes back to work hopefully you'll be 100% fit and ready to get back into your routine again. xx

    1. It really did get me good and proper Suzanne. Probably because I was feeling pretty run down anyway-x-

  2. I am thrilled to hear you are finally on the mend and wanting to get some jobs done and back into a routine. Take care.

  3. Waw...glad to hear you're getting up to full strength again! x

    1. It's been a fab day being almost back to normal Jackie-x-

  4. Hope you don't wear yourself out. Some of these bugs can really knock you out. The food all sounds gorgeous x


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