Saturday, 28 January 2017

Role Reversal!!!

I thought it was hard when my kids were small to get to those stages in their lives when they didn't need you for things like tying shoe laces, brushing hair etc. Every step a step nearer to their independence which....don't get me a fabulous thing.....but.....I found myself totally choked last night when Ruby didn't need me to read her bedtime story.
Aunty DD had bought her a set of books to go with The Worst Witch which she has been watching on tv and when we snuggled up in bed last night she read to me first and then decided she wanted to do silent reading.
I had to physically remove the book from her hands to get her go to sleep and then she was up with the lark this morning so that she could finish it and start on book two. I am amazed and proud but also just a tiny bit devastated that she no longer needs that very special little ritual of the bedtime story.
My baby is growing up.
I'll just have to hope that Marlowe will want to come for weekends so that I can do it all over again.

We were having a lovely evening watching Zootropolis and eating ice cream until Smudge sent my blood pressure into orbit by pee'ing on the lounge floor. I don't know why he did it as he hadn't scratched at the door to be let out as he usually does. I was not amused.

Anyhoo....Little Miss and Aunty DD have gone off to the cinema and to do their 'ladies wot lunch' thing. I was going with them but passing on the film and going to do some shopping but I didn't fancy wandering around town in the pouring rain so I have stayed home to prepare the evening meal and tidy up. Sod's is now bright and sunny.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.


  1. Oh a tiny bit jealous of Ganma and Ruby time? Yes I expect Marlowe will soon be requiring bedtime stories just as Ruby did. x

  2. Aw, I'm sure she'll still want some story time sometimes. I feel your pain with Smudge, our Gary ran into the conservatory and promptly lifted his leg, I was gobsmacked xx

  3. Trouble is, some children's books are really good, and you have to steal the book when they are asleep so you can finish the stories for yourself!

  4. Hugs - that must be heartbreaking. But all respect to Ruby reading by herself. You're doing something right (even though it's hard). x

  5. Its amazing how quickly they learn to read and want to read books to themselves. My eldest Grandaughter Lily is just starting to do that too.

  6. It is a bit sad but you must be so proud that she's reading so well.

  7. There have been plenty of times when I've secretly wished the children were older and more independent but now that they are I wish I could turn back the clock. Thankfully, like you we have the next generation coming through so I get to do it all again.

    Smudge seems to be on a run at the moment - hope the carpet cleans up OK. I have a big pollen stain on mine from a vase of lilies that fell over this weekend! xx


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