Monday, 1 October 2012

Christmas No 5!!!

Still plodding away at the Christmas cards.
I do apologise for the picture. I have only just taken it and the light is pretty bad in here.
Dies used-:
Paper is Paper Adventures....I think and the berries have been done with a Viva Gloss Gel pen.
Not too sure where the greeting was from as I have them for years. It was great to get some of them used as the card is pearlised and very hard to match to anything I have. I think it looks fab on this card.
I've had quite a busy day. Backwards and forwards from the kitchen to the workroom, cooking then cardmaking.
Today was ferret in the fridge day to use some excess veg. I found carrots, courgettes, celery, cherry tomatoes and some brocolli to which I added onion, garlic and chilli flakes. Simmered all of that together with some passata and stock and then pureed it before adding a couple of cans of Heinz Five Beans to make Chilli Bean Soup. I shouldn't say it myself but it is absolutely gorgeous. I did go a bit mad with the chilli flakes so added a little creme fraiche to cool it down a bit.
I also made some muffins which I have probably only ever made once before but they seem to have gone down well with the hungry hordes.
Miss Doodle will be here tomorrow. I haven't seen her for four days as she has been having a busy weekend at home. I've missed her so much and am so ready for some kisses and cuddles.......if she is in the mood.
Right-io.......back to the cardmaking for a couple of hours.
Thanks for stopping by.

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