Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Quick Five Minutes!!! myself is all the time I seem to have at the minute. We are just going through a 'having Ruby more than usual' phase for various reasons and she is keeping me on my toes for sure.
At the moment she has the attention span of a gnat and before we have even started doing something she is fed up of it and wants to go onto the next thing. I feel like I've been dragged behind the coal lorry.
She has just decided she wants a nap so I thought I'd just have five minutes before she wakes up again.
The bug has hit the Manic household again and the shower which was only fitted in May has had it. Apparently the water tank in it has burst. I phoned the shower manufacturer this morning and they said they would send an engineer out next Thursday. I explained that the shower was our only source of bathing and she managed to fit me in next Tuesday. I am not impressed.
My cardmaking has been on the back burner for the last couple of days but I hope to get some done on Saturday which is my only free day for about a fortnight. I even have Doodle Bird on Sunday this week as her mummy and daddy are taking grandad out to the races for his birthday treat and then I have to feed them all when they get back. Just now I would like to win The Lottery and go and live in a hotel by!!!
Oh well I had best go and get on with some more evening meal rest for the wicked.
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  1. Hi Sheila, I don't get chance to comment very often these days but I do visit you often. I had to comment on this post though because I know exactly where you are coming from, lol! I'm now childminding one of my granddaughters five days a week and although she is now at 'big school' as opposed to nursery (the morning school run nearly kills me, lol) I also have to sort Mum out with her worsening dementia. My friend told me last week that I am what is now known as a 'sandwich carer'. ie sandwiched between two generations! Crafting is definitely taking a back seat for the time being :-(

    Hang in there, it has to get easier ...... doesn't it?

    Lesley Xx


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