Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Card....Now There's A Novelty!!!

After spending several days trying to avoid the pain of this flaming infection which is hanging about a bit I just had to do something so I went off upstairs and made some really simple Baptism cards.
Flourish stamp is from a Prima set.
Diecut cross is an old Ellison die.
Cross charm from The Works.
Sentiment ticket was made on the computer.

The wedding order is just about finished and once it's collected next week I can get back to making more cards........hurray. I couldn't make wedding stuff regularly. It drives me mad to make a half dozen of cards all the same let alone a hundred.

Miss Doodle has cheered this old mamma up no end today. She is such a little chatterbox and is asking questions all day long and amuses herself for quite long periods now with her little games.
Her favourite toy for Christmas was the cleaning trolley we got for her with it's mop and bucket and sweeping brushes etc. I hasten to add that she is not daft enough to offer her services as a Mrs Mop as mamma still has to clean up after she has gone home. She uses the trolley to push her two dolls around on or she will set out her teaset on it and give us all tea and pretend cake. She is such a joy.

Still waiting for the builder to come and start the bathroom and I am getting a bit annoyed now. I want to get it done and out of the way as I have several other large jobs that I would like to get done but daren't start as I don't want to spend the money earmarked for the bathroom. Soooo frustrating. I'm going to ring him again tomorrow I think and ask for a start date.

Just off to finish the tidying up and then I have some food I need to prepare for tomorrow night's meal. So no crafting for me tonight then.
Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. A perfect Baptism card Sheila. So clean and crisp looking and the flourish behind the cross is a lovely idea.

    I'm glad Miss Doodle is keeping you on your toes and your mind off your woes, lol!

    Lesley Xx


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