Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ooooh Me Aching.......!!!

......everything. Arms, legs, name it and it aches. It's my own fault because I had an attack of the domestics yesterday and did a thorough clean up job on the kitchen. Everything out, cupboards scrubbed.....yes even the tops of them. A shufty round and hey presto, a nice tidy kitchen and one completely crackered Manic. Ah well it won't need doing to quite that degree for a while now.
I did get a little time in the evening to make a few cards and I am hoping that Mr Manic is cooking today so that I can get a bit more time up there but it will only be until tea time as I am having an overnight guest tonight in the shape of a Miss Doodle. She has just gone into a big girl bed and her mummy and daddy are not getting much sleep so I am giving them a break.
Should be back later with some pics.......if things go to plan.
Thanks for your visit.

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