Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oh My Word!!!

Well.....I am absolutely blown away by all the emails and messages asking me not to stop blogging. I would never have thought that people were interested much in my daily life. It was just something I was blogging for my own pleasure.
So I will leave the blog up and post as and when I can but it will probably become more of a life blog with crafty posts now and again. I will also try and keep my camera to hand more to take pics of things to make posts a bit more interesting for you.

I have had a couple of questions about potted cheese.
At family gatherings I like to have a good cheeseboard with a wide variety of different cheeses for people to try. This year I had some beautiful cheeses from Tesco including rum and raisin fudge, orange and biscotti, apricot, mango etc along with the usual cheddar, stilton, brie and camembert. The only bad choice I made was an ale and mustard cheese which was disgusting and got thrown out.
As always though there were leftovers which probably would have stayed in the fridge until they got binned so I decided to do something with them.
My potted cheese can be made with just about any combination of cheeses. Here's what I used-:

A chunk of cheddar
A chunk of Cotswold with chives and onions
A smaller chunk of stilton
1 small onion
Some double cream
Chop the cheese into small pieces and place in a food processor with the onion. Blitz until the cheese is broken down and the onion finely chopped.
Add cream a little at a time, blitzing after each addition, until you have a soft paste with no lumps of cheese visible.
Spoon into a container but don't fill right to the top.
Melt the butter and spoon over the top of the cheese to seal it.
Serve with crackers or french's yummy.
I also made some with the sweet cheeses but added chopped dates instead of was gorgeous.

We are a bit of a sickly household here at the moment. DD has had a cough and a cold since last September and it just won't shift, Miss Doodle has something called Slapped Cheek Syndrome....who makes these names up......doesn't that sound awful. She looks very red and blotchy but she is not really poorly thank goodness. And me......just when I could do without it I have been side swiped by a rotten cold which is not surprising with all the germs relishing the mild weather we have been having.
I was quite pleased to wake up to a heavy frost this morning and stood outside breathing in the sharp, cold air.....bliss!!!
Anyway I am off to rustle up a tuna and pasta salad for DD to take to work tonight and then I am off upstairs to carry on with the prep of some wedding invites I am in the middle of making.
See you all soon.


  1. Hi Sheila, I'm so glad other people caught your post and persuaded you to blog when you can. With the arrival of our new Grandbaby Charlie last month, I have had little time for blog hopping so had missed several posts.

    The heavy frost was/is (we are still white over here) lovely this morning especially with the bright sunshine. Hopefully it will kill some of those nasty bugs going round. Charlie's big sister Izzy had slapped cheek syndrome the week after Charlie was born but luckily she wasn't really poorly with it either.

    Thanks for the potted cheese recipe. It sounds delicious.

    Big Hugs
    Lesley Xx

  2. I am so glad that you are staying in blog land Sheila. My mouth is drooling at the potted cheese recipe, it's such a shame I've just started my diet (which is much needed!) otherwise I would have been making some tomorrow! Sorry that you're not 100%, keep warm and I look forward to your next installment !
    Sue C

  3. thanks for the potted cheese recipe , sounds scrummy and will try to remember it when i have some odds and ends!

  4. I like others have spent many happy moments reading your blog and did feel sad when i popped in the other day to see that you was going to stop so im very pleased that you have decided to still post x

  5. Like others, I am glad you will blog from time to time. The recipe is much appreciated too.

  6. I really enjoy this blog.It really interesting.I think world is one family.It very informative for us.



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