Monday, 3 September 2007

Head Or Heels?..........I Dunno

I have so much going on at the moment that I don't know if I am on my head or my heels...........that is me being polite.
I love to be busy though so I am quite enjoying me little self.
Apart from the DCM card I made at the weekend I don't think I have made a full card this weekend as I have mostly been doing prep know cutting and folding card blanks, die cutting and printing off labels and other stuff.
The die cutting was supposed to reduce the amount of offcuts I have but they don't seem to have gone down at all.
Also I have been doing bits of DIY jobs. We now have a bathroom with carpet....yay!!!
But we have no door on there now as I took it into my head to remove it and strip it back to the bare wood to repaint it. My own worst enemy I!!!
Well I thought it was a good idea as hubby has made noises about moving house sometime in the future so every job I do now I will do properly. Once the bathroom is totally finished I am starting on the hall, landing and two staircases which will be a big job as all the paintwork needs stripping and repainting then I will have to paper both the ceilings and the walls and paint those. Ha......that should keep me busy until Christmas but hubby has promised me a new carpet all the way up to the third floor so it will look so fab once it's done.
He bought me a pressie today not the normal flowers or choccies but a new hot air gun to strip all this flippin' unromantic is that eh?
I am secretly quite!!!

Anyways this means that I have no new cards to show you so it's more from the archives I'm afraid and this time there is absolutely no stamping at all. How shocking is that for a manic stamper?
For this card I have removed half of the front flap of an A5 card and added a cream and gold layer with rounded corners. The letters are cut with the Sizzlits Nouveau alphabet with the 'O' being replaced with a wreath from a pack of Crafty Bits embellishments. The sentiment was printed on the computer and layerd onto gold then attached over the top of a strip of green paper.

I know you shouldn't blow your own trumpet but I absolutely love this card. It was made before I aquired a front door die.
I have removed half of the front flap again and this time covered the inside with printed paper.
The door was made up on the computer using shapes and then printed off. All of the panels have been outlined in gold peeloff lines and shaded.
The letterbox is a strip of gold card.
The tree started off as a plain triangle drawn onto the back of a piece of green card which I then cut around using a pair of deep deckle scissors.
It was outlined in gold gel pen and then embellished with tiny punched flowers with glitter centres.
The pot is a Sizzix diecut.
I don't think I will be making many quite this intricate this year. I shall soon be coming to the end of my Christmas cardmaking for this year and will soon be starting on Valentine's and Mother's Day neither of which is high on my favourite cards to make list.
Before then though I have the workshop and demo weekend down in Totnes and hopefully another private workshop in Stockport. I have just started the prep for those today.
Right well I am off. I seem to have developed an acute addiction to Grey's Anatomy and DD will not let me have the DVD of the last five episodes of Season 2 to watch as she is now on nights for two weeks. So I am starting again at the beginning and am watching them on my computer while I work.........well how could I live without seeing Patrick Dempsey for two whole weeks.......I ask you? It would be like going without food.
That man has the sexiest eyes I have ever seen in my life.......he should be available on!!!
Night night then


  1. Sheila we had a training day at work today and we had a little game just for fun. It was a debate between male and female staffs as to Why men are not better than women!Men should debate and prove they are, while women should debate and prove they aint!It was funny! One of the men said you women dont know anything about cars and you dont do building work and stipping wallpapers ect...Well, If I read your blog ealier I could have proved them wrong:)))Anyway the funniest thing was when a male staff said: Men are stable throughout the month...oops, the opponent female just smiled!Anyway, good luck with your paintings and carpet fittings. Love these two non-stamped cards by the way:)

  2. I adore McDreamy and McSteamy... and have renamed them McYummy. DH always says I can have respite as his carer if I get him a 20+ y.o. swedish blonde to replace me - LOL. I do think it'd be cruel to the carer so I probably won't - hehehe!

    Looking forward to Totnes - I shall be there even if I have to cross the Moor on a reindeer...

  3. I love your wreath cards!! they're have inspired me! I'll have to dig out my door and wreath dies (isn't it terrible - they cost a fortune and hardly get used!)

  4. Those cards are so classy Sheila! :D


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