Thursday, 13 September 2007

DCM Little Extra-Big and Little

I have managed to fit in a quick card for the Little Extra dare over at Daring Cardmakers which I have probably got completely wrong know what I am!!!
I thought about this card last night and made part of it at work this morning then finished it tonight at home.
Yummy BG Fruitcake paper on a trifold card which has had the fronts shaped by drawing around a dinner technical is that?!!!
Embellished with two sizes of snowflake.
This may be my last dare for a couple of weeks as I really must concentrate on getting my stuff ready now for Totnes which is approaching at an alarming speed.
My chauffeur and the hotel are booked so it's just me that needs to get properly sorted. I have too much sidetracking going on at the minute. I am going to promise myself to have everything prepared and packed by next Friday so I want you all to keep your eye on me and give me a swift nudge if I get distracted and start playing instead of working.
Just want to say a quick 'hi' to Margaret. It was lovely to see you today. Also 'hi' to Kathryn...........I've never met you but I know all about!!! Thanks for the lovely comment you left.
Kerry..........hope hubby enjoyed his beans on toast in place of the pork he was supposed to!!! I hope you told him that it was my fault.....again.
I am sooooooo ready for bed now. Going out to work every day is tiring me!!! I think the last time I went to bed before midnight was when I was twelve.
The pain from the abcess is nearly gone now so I am hoping for a decent night tonight.
Catch you later


  1. This is lovely. Great colours.
    I know how you feel, I have had a manic time with meetings after work eating into my private time & lack of daylight for finishing projects!!

  2. Lovely card. I really need to start making Christmas cards.

  3. Love the colours you have used on this card,

  4. love the colours!!! really gorgeous card!

  5. This is beautiful Sheila.
    I would never have thought of using a plate to draw round, very ingenious!

  6. Fab card and I love the shaped front... great idea!!

  7. Love this card Sheila, it's so beautiful!! I have tagged you with the "names tag" though now I've read this I can tell you'll be far too busy, LOL!!

  8. Sorry to hear about the abcess, Sheila - I know from experience who painful and wearing they can be. This card is absolutely beautiful (no surprise there - everything you make is just so special)

  9. Hi sheila,
    beans on toast went down fine and yes i did blame you lol!! these cards shapes are lovely-and i love those papers etc.
    p.s cropadile on order too yeah lol x x

  10. What a great card! Sheila - please let us know when you at Totnes soon so we can organise a visit? Thanks. Ali xxx

  11. Yay!! Youy're back!!!! As Ali said - when's Totnes 'cos we'll be there on the Saturday hunni!! Woohoo!!


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