Sunday, 9 September 2007

DCM-Purple,Holey, Torn Christmas

At last I have managed to finish my card for this weeks dare over at DCM. It's only a simple one as I have been rather busy this weekend DIY'ing.
I have stamped a holly background using a Magenta stamp and Versmark ink which I left to dry for a watermarked effect.
I then stamped and embossed the holly in silver onto a tag cut from spotted lilac paper and painted it using the pearlised watercolours from The Works.
Once dry I glued the tag to a piece of card and cut it out then punched the corners using an EK Success corner punch.
The two torn pieces of paper have been edged with a silver pen.
The tag has then been tied to the card so that it swings free.
Another fabulous dare.......thanks girls.
Well as I said I have been busy DIY'ing this weekend. I had stripped one side of the bathroom door and just needed to do the other side. What a nightmare it turned out to be. It has taken me six hours to get all the paint off one side. I don't know what they painted it with whoever did it but I think they really meant it to stay on there.
Anyway once the paint was off all I wanted to do was bring the door inside and put it on a card. It looked just like a distressed background done with the Tim Holtz ink pads. There was a gorgeous green and a mustard yellow with dashes of brown and beige. It must be years of undercoats and primers or something but it's gorgeous whatever it is.
Hubby will now be in charge of doing the sanding and then I get it back for priming, undercoating and glossing but that will have to be next weekend now as I am at the shop all week.
Well I have a couple of orders I need to get done for tomorrow so I suppose I had best get on with those and then more prep for Totnes. First stop though has to be a bath as I stupidly wore my Crocs while stripping the paint and bits have fallen through the holes so I have like half a doors worth of paint stuck between my toes.........yuck!!!
Bye for now


  1. This is gorgeous, Sheila. Fab royal shade.

  2. I love this Sheila. The gold embossing looks lovely against the purple background.

    I had a chuckle about your crocs. I hope you managed to get all the paint off!

  3. Ain't life funny?! I got silver paint all over me yesterday!!! What is it with us and paint - love that card... it'll do nicely for christmas!! (*winks*)

  4. Love the richness of these purples - great design too.

  5. you have been a busy bee! funny story about the croc's (tee hee)Beautiful card sheila--lovely colours x

  6. Love your card Sheila, it looks fantastic.

    I can sympathise over the DIY - at our last house I tried to take some borders off in the lounge - took me an hour to do less than a metre of narrow border, I think they must have been stuck on with superglue - in the end we gave up and just put another one on top. Eventually we bought one of those steam gadgets - seemed mad when the only wallpaper in the house was border strips, but it was money well spent!

  7. Beautiful card, love the tag!

  8. Beautiful Sheila - what a gorgeous colour combo and I love the watermarked background.

  9. Gorgeously ‘lush’ card as usual Sheila.


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