Wednesday, 17 January 2007

What a fabby day!!!

It's been a really lovely day today......not weatherwise cos it's been raining all day, but I have been snuggled up in my workroom, heater on and the rain beating on the favourite kind of day.

So the tidying never got done apart from a space to do some work in because I was a bit inspired today. I made a start on using up some of the paper mountain and have got through quite a bit. Have also used a fair bit of ribbon and more than a few Prima Flowers and have produced 32 cards so was well chuffed with that.
One of my new cards at the top. I made quite a few of these using different papers and also did some in black and baby blue which look nice. Very different to the work you normally see of mine but I find that stamped cards don't sell so well here. One or two go but the cards made with diecuts etc go a lot better.

It's been very quiet for special orders this week so hopefully that will mean that the new cards that went in a couple of weeks ago are selling. I'll see on Friday when I go in to do the stands.

Have to go teach classes at the shop for the next two days then I have another 4 days off so hopefully my inspiration will still be there on Friday as I need to make some workshop cards with the new TandaStamps sets I have.......Retro Women....yummy.

Hopefully our first order of stamps will have arrived at the shop by the time I get in tomorrow.

DD has been an angel today and done all the laundry as she promised she would do. Will have to treat her at the weekend to something nice so will maybe go across to Craft Central and buy her some beads and take her for a cappucino. I of course will not be buying anything myself.....yeah right!!! Well only if they have any dies in that I don't already have.

Had planned to do chicken in a white wine sauce for tea but our useless Tesco didn't have the sauce so I did Cajun chicken instead with a mixed salad, potato salad and freshly baked rolls........huge praise heaped on my head by DH and DD as they thought it was fab. At last I am a Domestic Goddess!!! Actually I'm not a bad cook as I used to be a chef but I just don't like doing it anymore unless I have the time to do it properly. I so miss the days when I used to bake all my own bread and cakes and make everything from tins of white wine sauce for me then. Mmm I might get hubby to get me some stuff in and have a baking day at the look what I started!!!

Well best get my kit together for tomorrow. I only have to do half the class tomorrow as the other card they are doing is the boss's then I expect she will go home for a while and I will sit and either make cards or do some tidying up if it's not too busy.

Have a great day whatever you are doing:-)


  1. Fab card Sheila...I would so like to do one of your classes

  2. Love the card Sheila - my favourite colours!

    Good luck with the classes - can you imagine if me and Sue were your students???!!!


  3. Hmmm.........I can't imagine a more fun day than you two on one of my classes......doubt if we'd get much done8-)

  4. Why do I read your post with a HUGE dose of sarcasm Sheila???!!!!


  5. Ahhhhhh no Em..........I would soooooo love it......honestly8-)

  6. lets book Em

    we so should call her bluff

  7. Awwwww go it......I dare ya........gawd I would be so sick with nerves and excitement.


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