Saturday, 13 January 2007

Peaceful day..............bliss!!!

Well that is DS gone for the week........and I thought he was only going for the weekend..........good communication son!!!
What with the breakfast he ate this morning though and the amount of baggage he took with him you could be forgiven for thinking that he was off to conquer the wilderness.
So DH got him off to the station then I shoo'ed DH off to work for the afternoon and had a couple of peaceful hours until DD got up to sort herself out for her night shift. Got us both fed and watered and then had another couple of peaceful hours after she'd gone so locked the door and went off for a nice Badedas bath..........that was over four hours ago and I am still waiting for things to happen as used to be promised in the ads. Mind you if the thing that happens means you have Knitting Pattern Man hanging around outside your patio window looking decidedly furtive......I think I will pass.................Anyone remember those ads?
The wind is starting to do my head in.....BIG TIME. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the wind but outside my workroom there is a leanto which used to be my woodworking shelter. It has a corrugated plastic roof which rattles and bangs in the wind and sounds horrendous. It will be coming down later in the year when we have found space for all the things that are in there but until then I am being driven slowly insane.

Been doing more planning than actual producing today so all I have to share with you is a coaster I altered last night. Couldn't scan it in then as the varnish was still wet. Only very simple but I thought the paper went so well with the image. I am slowly getting into altered things but I do prefer doing cards I must admit as I doubt there would be much of an outlet here for the work I would produce.

Tomorrow is 'housewifey day' my least favourite day of the week but this week I am getting out of it as I have a rather exciting new project I am working on to deadline so DD has offered to attack the laundry on Monday as she starts her rest week then. DH has offered to do almost everything else so after nipping out in the morning to get some urgent supplies I shall be spending the day in my workroom.......yay!!!

Well hopefully that little lot has cured your insomnia.

Night night.........sleep tight!!!


  1. Your life is sooo much better than mine :)

  2. Don't you believe it H........sometimes I would love the world to stop so I could get off:-)


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