Friday, 19 January 2007

Did I blink and miss today?

Well I suppose it doesn't help matters that I didn't go to bed until 7am and then slept until 11.30am.....of course the day is half over then (insert emoticon rolling it's eyes). Anyway the result of not going to bed until 7am was a slightly tidier workroom. The appearance of acres of white worktop had me just about traumatised with the shock of it. I haven't seen that much space since about mid October last year when I got back from demoing in Devon and actually put all my stuff away and cleaned up. I don't suppose it will stay like that for long.
I've started getting enquiries now about demo's. Devon again in May and October and have also had an enquiry from a lady about doing a private class for her and a group of friends at her house. Haven't done that before so that could be interesting. At least I shall get some use out of my fabulous trolley and matching shoulder bag that I picked up at Craft Central when they had the vouchers in their magazine. I usually pack everything up into a banana box from the supermarket......How stylish is that?.................Not!!!

DS is back from his week in Manchester. Had a lovely peaceful week but now it's back to bedlam. Don't get me wrong, he is a fab fella but tends to cause mayhem and disruption when he is in the house. You want a bath........he's had all the hot water and left a trail of wet towels from the bathroom to his room. You want a cold drink......he's had the last can. He eats like a pig and can half empty a jar of mayo on one sandwich. When he eats he will get his own stuff but then you will find enough pots to have cooked a banquet and again you'll find them anywhere from the kitchen to his bedroom..........and don't even get me started about his laundry or the fact that you need innoculations before you enter the pit he calls his bedroom. Drives me bloomin' nuts he does but I don't half love him.

DD is on cloud nine today. The Post Office where I sell my cards let her put some of her beady stuff in.....bookmarks and mobile charms etc.......when she went down today to restock the stands she had sold four pieces and came back with a grin like a Cheshire cat....bless her. I'd done really well with my cards too. I've been selling there now for nearly five years and every year is better than the last so let's hope it carries on that way.

I managed to make a copy of the card I did at the shop yesterday for workshops. I have tweaked it a bit to make it a little easier to do in classes.
The card size is A5 trimmed down to five inches wide and the stepped effect has been done by taking a ruler and a pencil and marking at a half inch and one inch from each side. Use the ruler to draw faint pencil lines from top to bottom and then mark the same at top and bottom and again draw faint lines. You will have four squares in each corner of the card and you will need to remove the top three to get the tiered look. After doing this in several classes I now keep the card closed and cut through both layers for the shaped effect.
It looks like there are lots of layers but that effect has been done with narrow strips of paper and silver peeloff lines. So following the card size above you will need 1 strip of 8.5inches and four strips of 0.75inches.
The spotted paper is 7 Gypsies and the stamped image is from the new Retro Women Set 1 by TandaStamps.............I love them!!! My scanner is pants so I really must treat myself to a digital camera to take pics of my cards.....they lose so much having to be scanned laying flat plus it tends to bleach the colour out of some of them.

Well I shall be off to see if DS has left any hot water and dry towels for a bath and then I will be back to do a bit more work as I need to make some girly 18 and 21 cards for the PO and some more workshop cards.

Sleep tight peeps:-)

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