Monday, 23 May 2011

Bad Blogger....Again!!!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately. As usual I'm not getting much time upstairs.....the Father's Day cards are still waiting to be put together.
I did manage this little card though using a stamp from a set by Prima.
First I used it to create the background which I then chalked and embossed with a Cuttlebug folder.
Then I stamped the main piece and coloured it using just a plain old  HB pencil.......smudging it with my finger to create a shadow around the flower.
The sentiment is from a set by Personal Impressions.

Mr Manic has shocked the heck out of me and has already asked somebody about doing the bathroom. I expected to still be waiting in two!!! He has seen one that the person has done already and is very impressed.

The gorgeous Miss Doodle was here today. A little bit grizzly as she had a tummy ache and I think more teeth on the way. She did cheer up a bit though when she saw the present I send grandad out to get. We've bought her a play kitchen and a box of assorted foodstuff as she was very taken with the one at playgroup. She loves it and has been cooking up some horrible concoctions for us to eat. Sausage and gherkin stew, chicken and strawberry stir fry and fried oranges with crips (crisps)!!! I would have loved something like this when I was little. It has running water, an oven and a grill and the hob makes cooking noises. It's fabulous.

Well I am away to do a bit of surfing round the web before bedtime though how long I shall last I do not know as it's quite windy here therefore draughty in this back room so I am quite cold.

Bye for now.

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