Thursday, 21 January 2010

You Won't Believe What I've Done!!!

Being a bit of a neat freak last night........I went to tuck the cover in on the sofa which DD had left untidy and smashed my left hand middle finger on the frame and broke it. The crack was so loud it even made hubby jump. It hurts like bahoogery and I have been very naughty and not gone to the hospital.......I have just strapped it up which is exactly what I would be told to do anyway so it'll be alright. I just couldn't face being sat at the hospital for hours because I am at the doctors and the hospital nearly all day on Monday.

Anyhoo......before I went and broke myself I had made this card using the Queen Anne's Lace from Penny Black and paper from K & Co. I did it in a class with some ladies yesterday and they loved it. To me it's just a fairly simple card but the papers really make it more those colours.

I am going upstairs now to have a play and if the finger doesn't like it......tough!!!

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  1. Lovely rich colours on your stunning card Sheila.
    I can't believe you're in the wars again! No wonder you didn't fancy sitting around the A&E for hours on end, hopefully it was a clean break but if it gets too painful you might need an xray?

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

    Keryn x

  2. Oh Sheila, I don't believe you, you chump! It very true that they'll only strap one finger to the next to support it, providing the break is clean as Keryn said. I think we'd better get you a huuuuggge bale of cotton wool to wrap yourself in, Lol!

    I do love the papers on the card which as you say are quite stunning.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Oh wow..this is such a stunning card....very rich looking.

    Ouch!!! to your finger, I hope it repairs quickly.

  4. Oh Sheila,
    I can't believe you have done this, ouch, I feel for you.
    Gorgeous card, wish I had been on yesterdays class especially as you used my favourite colours.
    Very brave of you to use those fab papers.
    Hope your finger isn't broken.
    Christine xx

  5. Oh good gracious Sheila! That is just nasty! But, can work in your favour in soooo many ways - "can't do that my finger is sore", "stamping doesn't hurt my finger", dishes need to be done and my finger's in a bandage..." I could go on :)
    Good luck with the recovery and thanks for sharing the lovely card!
    Firenze Cards

  6. OUCH!! that had to hurt as my darling GS would say.
    I hope you recover soon and are not in too much pain.
    I love the card - I think the colours are fantastic.
    Edna x

  7. Lovely card Sheila. I can't believe you've broken your finger ! Talk about having a mop shook at you ! Take care, I think you need wrapping in cotton wool ! Sue x

  8. Blimey Sheila, we're going to have to start taking it in turns keeping an eye on you - you are no longer to be trusted, even with your own fingers! I hope things turn around for you v. soon and that the hospital/docs release you back into the wild, and that your poorly hand gets well again. Take care (and keep still - it's the safest way) :-)


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