Sunday, 10 January 2010

Found A Bit Of Mojo!!!

I'm still feeling a bit fragile...........not ill..........just not quite myself.
After the call to attend the hospital at 8:30am tomorrow I got another one changing it to 8:00am and then another one an hour later cancelling it altogether so no nasty needles tomorrow. I do wish they would get it over with though if they are going to do it.
I still have to go to the clinic on Tuesday so I shall have a word with the doc and see what is going to happen.

I don't have much energy or mojo for doing crafty things but I have put together a couple of cards using bits I had lying about......not bad for saying that I only went upstairs to sit in front of the!!!
This one is a bit of a mish mash with paper from DCWV, image from June at Art Freebies (link in sidebar), stamp stickers are K&Co Life's Journey and flowers are Prima.

It must have been a bit warmer here today than what they said it would be as the snow is thawing pretty quickly and we have had rain rather than the predicted snow.
It is still very cold though so lots of snuggling still to do.

Hubby went out and ordered our new cooker yesterday. I would have loved a range cooker but if I had one it would mean some major work re-arranging the kitchen which we don't feel able to tackle at the moment. He also bought me some new saucepans.......gorgeous stainless steel with glass lids which I have coveted for ages. The next thing will hopefully be a new stainless steel sink. At the moment I have one of those horrible plastic things that were all the rage when I did the kitchen a few years ago but it's got to that stage now where it is so scratched it never looks clean and I hate it with a passion.

Won't be long now until our little Bean is born.....about four weeks. doesn't seem five minutes since they told us the news. I am getting so excited.

Anyway.....I had best go before I bore you all to!!!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hi Sheila,
    good to see you posting, beautiful card as always, your crafting mojo seems fine to me LOL.
    Take things steady, we don't want you back in hospital.
    I bet you are counting the days until baby arrives, you will make a fantastic grandma.
    Stay warm, love & hugs
    Christine xx

  2. I am so happy to see you posting some of your beautiful art Sheila. I am sorry things are going slowly with getting better though. I just had surgery on Dec. 22nd, and it's been slow going too. I do hope they figure out what's going on with you and get you all fixed up and soon! lol
    You take care hon,

  3. OMGOSH, I completely forgot to say how exciting about the baby!!! That seems so fast will have to post a ton of pics when the little one arrives!!!

    Hugs again,

  4. Wish I could make cards like that from 'mish mash' Sheila. It's gorgeous as usual, with or without your usual mojo.

    What a nuisance they've cancelled your treatment tomorrow. It's so wearing on the nerves to have things like that hanging over you. Much better to get them over and done with. Hope they get your sorted very, very soon.

    Time does fly as soon as there is any mention of babies doesn't it. Won't be long till you have that little one to snuggle up with!

    Lesley Xx

  5. So lovely to see that you have had a play in your craft room, its quite soothing at times isnt it! Your makes are beautiful as always.

    A kitchen revamp sounds great, fab new pans and a new cooker to look forward to, thats just what you ned to get your mind of the needles for a bit!

    Hope you have a comfortable week Sheila and continue to make such a good recovery :)

    Keryn x


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