Saturday, 16 January 2010


Hi there
Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days. I've just been taking it easy and enjoying some time with hubby and DD, pottering about in the kitchen cooking meals and doing some baking and snatching the odd half hour up in my room to play.....although I am still not getting the mojo for making cards.
I have a drawer unit in my room which I would like to get rid of. It's only used for storing things like Bind It All wires, sanding pads and other odds and ends. Well I haven't used the BIA for ages so I thought I would use up some Basic Grey papers and some wires to make some notebooks.
These are DL size and the alphabet I have used is Slim Jim by Ellison.

Tonight I will get a couple of hours on my own for the first time in a month. Hubby has gone out to his retirement 'do'. He took voluntary redundancy/early retirement and finished when he broke up for Christmas. I must say it is nice having him at home all of the time.
DD is off to work later so I might watch a film.

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  1. I love these papers Sheila, what a brilliant idea to use them on a note book. Glad you're taking it easy. Just think of all the jobs DH can do now he's retired ! Enjoy your film. Sue x

  2. Hi Sheila, Love the note books. I could do with the list one because that's what I have to do these days - make lists otherwise I forget half of what I was going to do/buy, Lol!

    When my OH was made redundant (not voluntary) last year I really thought that was it with work and was just getting used to having him constantly around (er, under my feet) when he got another job!

    Enjoy your quiet night and you have the TV control, Yay!!!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Hi Sheila, love your notebooks especially the list one as OH is always going on at me to make a list LOL
    Enjoy your 'ME' time, do just as you like but make sure you rest and relax.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx

  4. Hi Sheila I have been meaning to e-mail for a while but have had our grandchildren staying for a while and also overseas visitors. Anyway better late than never to say I'm sorry you are feeling rotten at the moment. I really hope they get you sorted out smartish and that you start to feel better soon. Try to enjoy your time home and make sure you get plenty of rest. It sounds as thoug DD andDH look after you well which is nice. Love and hugs from Elaine in New Zealand. PS I will be visiting again mid 2010 and hope to see you fit and well at the shop.

  5. Lovely note books Sheila. I find these days I really should be making lists I seem to be forgetting things that I need to do/buy I think it is an age thing ... getting ever closer to the big 60!

    Hugs Carol Ann xx


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