Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Made It Home!!!

Well I did make it home yesterday.........eventually!!!
I didn't get the fluid drained because the doctor they have put me under now thinks there may be something wrong with my heart. I have to have another CT scan which I ain't looking forward to and he also wants to check out my kidneys.
So from breathing problems and a badly swollen leg which I thought was maybe a chest infection and a bit of water retention we have somehow ended up at heart problems and I am scared bloody stiff.........excuse the language.
Yet another blow today was reading in the local paper that the village shop where I sell my cards is closing down in the next couple of weeks.
Fabulous start to 2010...........I don't think.

Anyway I am off upstairs for a while to try and have a bit more of a tidy and to see if I can take a pic of DD's birthday card to post.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. sorry to read about all this Sheila--can i leave a huge hug here and you know where i am if you need a chat x x x

  2. Oh Sheila, I'm so sorry your new year is beginning in this way. I have my fingers crossed it's not too serious a problem.

    That's a double whammy about the village shop too and I imagine another sign of the times.

    I look forward to seeing DD's card and hope you have better news for us soon.

    Take care Love.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Oh Sheila, this is not the start of the new year you wanted.
    Hoping that it's not a serious problem.
    Sending you lots of hugs.
    Sad also, to hear your village shop is closing, sign of the times I suppose.
    Looking forward to seeing DD's card.
    Look after yourself and rest my friend. I am here should you wish to chat

    Love & Hugs
    Christine xxxxx

  4. Sorry to hear all your news Shelia. the water retention is sometimes a sign your heart is struggling to cope but usually it can be sorted with drugs etc, you are lucky they caught it before it got worse - think of it that way :-). I am sure you will be right soon and if customers have any sense they will contact you directly about your cards - get a notice made to put up in the shop!!

    Wishing you well soon


  5. Oh Sheila, you really must feel like someone's shook their mop at you. Try and keep positive, and I hope you get sorted out quickly. I agree with Rachel, get yourself a notice for the shop so people can come to you direct. Big hugs. Sue x

  6. Sheila it's not the greatest start to 2010 for you but think on it as being positive,what they find can be helped with the right medication. Those who bought your cards in the past will look for any advert you place somewhere around the village. I'm sending you a huge great big hug and loads of positive vibes, you are going to be fine they just need to know what they are dealing with.

    Hugs Carol Ann xx

  7. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for good news for you.

    Please don't over do things at home - don't want to make things worse.

    Who and I to say that - I never practice what I preach!

    Take good care

    Thinking of you

  8. Somehow blogger didnt update me with the latest news however I am so pleased to read that you are now back home and beginning to feel alot better in yourself.
    The shop closing seems such terrible news at this stage but I am confident that another door will open in it's place!
    Besides, you can't keep a good woman down and you sure are a good woman!!

    Hope you are getting plenty tlc and rest until you are fully recovered.

    Keryn x


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