Sunday, 14 September 2008

Me Poor Old Bones!!!

At last we have had word from the man who is doing the work that our new garden steps will be getting done on Friday........yay!!!
So I have spent the best part of the weekend out in the garden with hubby tidying and sorting stuff out. After that I put my new bookcases up in my workroom and re-organised my stamps and some other bits.
My poor old bones feel like they have been crushed by a!!!
I don't think I will be doing any stamping tonight as my hands ache something chronic after carting paving slabs, roofing tiles, fence panels and various other heavy stuff down to the new shed area.........only a few metres away but it felt like miles after the tenth!!!
Anyway I am off for a nice bath in some Radox and hopefully the aches and pains will be gone by morning.
Bye for now

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