12 September 2008

Brayering With Kaliedacolour Ink Pads!!!

I've had a couple of emails from readers asking about brayering with Kaliedacolour ink pads. One lady had had her ink disappear altogether from her gloss card after drying. The best I could do was to try them myself as I have three which I rarely use......I always reach for my Adirondacks when brayering.

So I brayered three ATC size pieces of card using a Speedball brayer and stamped them using a Paper Artsy image then added some white outlining to a couple of them.
They have now been done for about an hour and the colour is still there so Paula I am wondering if it could be the paper/card you are using. Are you using photographic paper? My personal preference is the card you use for Encaustic Art which can be bought in A6, A5 AND A4 packs of 100 sheets and is double sided which is fab if your first effort goes wrong. If you Google Encaustic Art supplies you should be able to find some online. I get mine through the shop where I work.

Hope this is of use ladies.

Right I am off for a browse around Blogland before I go and have a soak in the bath. I expect hubby will want to watch a film tonight seeing as how he doesn't have to go to work tomorrow. Wonder what I shall have to sit through!!!

Bye for now


  1. Hi,
    Did you enjoy your day off today?

    Love the technique but haven't tried it yet lol! Have been messing about with other bits and pieces though!

    Love the recent Christmas Cards by the way! Just love the Poinsettia Stamp...........Do you by any chance have it in the Shop? lol.

    Take Care
    Hugs Suze x

  2. Thanks for this, Sheila - I must give it a try - and thanks for the tip about the paper (I tend to use glossy photo paper for things like this and it doesn't always work).

  3. Thanks for trying the Kaleidacolour Ink Pads Sheila, these will now be an alternative to the Adirondack Rainbow Ink Pads which I am struggling to obtain. I already have the glossy sheets which I bought from the shop.
    Nice designs using them.
    Christine xx


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