Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cuttlebug Embossing And Alcohol Inks!!!

I am sooooo in love with this new holly embossing folder. I only bought it today so was dying to try it out when I got home and as I have an Alcohol Inks class in the morning I thought I would combine work with play and design a new card just for my ladies..........Hi Shar.....and Ingrid:)
I wanted to use this lovely cardstock which is corrugated on one side and cream speckled on the other and I think it works really well with the embossed panel.
The embossed panel is some strange self adhesive metallic sort of plastic and it takes the inks so beautifully.
First I embossed the panel in the folder then added a base coat of neat Stream and Meadow Alcohol Ink. The next coat was Bottle with Gold Additive.
Once dry I coloured the berries with a peeloff pen.
The rest was just matting and layering and adding the ribbon..........please be mightily impressed with the bow..........that was my first attempt and I nearly had to pick myself up off the floor I was so shocked that it turned out. I am not a very good tier of bows!!!

I've made two cards tonight and you should see the mess I have made. Honestly I am such a messy get tidied up so that I can find the things I need to take to work in the morning.

I have the Blog Candy now......just need to photograph it and I shall start the ball rolling on Friday for that.

Bye for now.


  1. Oh I love this - I ordered that embossing folder today - can't wait for it to come!

  2. Beautiful! I love what you've done with the inks!
    Hugs Suze x

  3. Stunning card! Oh and what a beautiful bow :)

  4. Amazing technique and what a stunning result! I had to link you up on my cuttlebug list. You're number 90 but tops in originality! What an unique and artistic look. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration! :O)

  5. Your card is beautiful. Hmm... I think I did not get this folder. I'm going to look.

  6. Sheila - "creative minds are seldom tidy" - this is a beauty - the messier the aftermath, the more beautiful the result! ♥

  7. Well done's stunning!

  8. Hi had a great time in one of your workshops today, we made one of a card just like this one it was lovely.
    Im going to buy a cuttlebug machine an all the bits i need to get me started on this new road of crafts.
    Can't wait to get started:)

  9. Hi Sheila,
    long time no see and what a wonderful surprise all of these wonderful additions and teniques you have been busy with.
    thanks for sharing them.
    chriss x

  10. This is such a beautiful card!!Love it!

  11. Sheila this card is superb! Love how you have used that embossed image..

  12. WOW!! It looks like metal!! Gorgeous!

  13. I love this -- gonna have to case this!!!!


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