Monday, 28 April 2008

Sale Lists Now E-Mailed!!!

I set myself a challenge this morning to make cards only from stuff that was on my desk......just to save me having to put it!!!
So I have made 20 odd cards.....can you believe that?
Made two or three of this little card, still using my Creative Imaginations paper and Elusive Images stamps, still using the Gamsol Technique and sneaking in a few peeloffs that need using up.
Going back to the Gamsol Technique.......I don't think that I am technically correct in calling it that as I use neither Gamsol nor Prismacolour pencils. I use Boldmere Low Odour Thinners and either my WH.Smith pencils or a set of Faber Castell Junior Grip Colour pencils.....which by the way are waaaaaaay too good for kids to!!! The only bit that I got right is using the blending stumps. Still I seem to get pretty good results with the things I use but I think in future I will just call it the Pencil Blending Technique.
The first lists of sale stuff have gone out to all who requested them. There will be more I can promise you.
So I have had a fabulous weekend. I am loving not having to go to work on Saturday and Sunday but that was completely ruined tonight when we got a phone call that shattered all our dreams. Hubby had decided to go ahead with his application for the job in New Zealand, had a meeting and a phone interview which left us very excited and hopeful but unfortunately the phone call was to tell us that he didn't get the job. I was totally gutted, had a good old bawl but now onward and upward as they say. My plans now are to decorate the house from top to bottom and turn the attic room that DS will be vacating shortly into a fabulous studio for my crafting. I am going to get to grips with my digi camera and take before (once his junk is all gone) and after pics. I think our plans will now be to stay where we are until hubby retires in about 11 years and the mortgage is paid and then think what we want to do.
Aww well hope you all had a good weekend.
Night night

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