Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Lovely Day!!!

Here is the card I started last night. The needs 'just a little something' was the ribbon which I knew I had but couldn't get at because there was junk in front of the drawers where it's kept. It hasn't scanned very well and is a lot softer looking in real life. I wouldn't dare tell you how long I have hoarded the paper I used on it. I have had it for years and never wanted to cut!!!

It's been a really lovely day today. Caught up with a couple of ladies in the class this morning. Not seen them for a few weeks so that was nice. Then this afternoon I got chance to do a bit of tidying up after which I got let out to go and explore a little bit more of Ashby town. I picked up another pair of mock Crocs for four quid so I now have my psychadelic pink ones, bright orange....which I won't wear outside the!!! DD picked me up some black ones yesterday and I got navy today. The lady at the shop is going to save me khaki and red when they come in in my size and also see if she can get brown for me. I love my mock Crocs.......can you tell?

After work I nipped to our local Tesco which has been extended and now sells everything but the kitchen sink. I don't go supermarket shopping very often so when I do go I really enjoy it. I came back with all sorts of stuff and lots of BOGOF's on toiletries so I now all bathed and!!!

I'm going to stay up for a bit and maybe make some more cards but first I am going to have a go at making myself a watermark in GIMP. I don't know if you can but you never know until you try.

Bye for now


  1. hi sheila i know what you mean about that paper i love it but unlike you i just couldnt wait to use it but i did hang on to some of it.
    TFS chriss x

  2. What a beautiful card, Sheila, love everything about it - one not to part with I reckon!


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