Friday, 8 June 2007

Up To Date With Orders......Yay!!!

Goody, perhaps I can play a bit.......well once I have posted a couple of outstanding parcels and maybe cleaned my desks off to make room to work.
For the music card I have had to resort to peeloffs for the guitar and some of the music bits as I do not own one single instrument stamp. I do have a couple of musical score stamps though so I was able to stamp the background paper. Added a little chalk and Bob's your Aunty. The chip board circle is mountboard from my cutting session the other week covered in white paper and the circular greeting was a free stamp from a magazine.
Doesn't look so good on the scan but IRL it looks pretty smart so I hope my customer will like it.
The music score background is from the TandaStamps Backgrounds Set 1.

The Celtic card was pretty easy to do as I have a few stamps by Rubbadubbadoo. I've coloured some card with Adirondacks in Butterscotch, Bottle and Denim. I then stamped the tree of life down the side and added highlights with a white crayon and then a little white gel pen.
The Celtic knot has been stamped with Stazon and embellished with dots in white gel pen.
I found the Irish translation for Happy Birthday on the internet and then typed it up in a font called Celtic Gaelige which luckily I had in my font files. A very simple card I love the strong colour.
ROFL........ I just noticed I missed a small section of dots....must put that right before it gets!!!

Had a good day at the shop today as the boss opened a new set of Elusive Image stamps for me to play with for the morning. We didn't have a class until the afternoon.
The set is six backgrounds in squares........fell in love with them and had to buy them......what more can I say. They will be so useful as there is a good mix of styles including a mosaic tile effect, swirls, bubbles and lines, flowers, foliage and a wood effect. I'm getting a few ideas together for those.
Still no Cuttlebug. I've a good mind to book a flight on the first plane to Holland and go fetch it myself.......well I would if I wasn't so scared of!!!
Got some more storage boxes in the hope of sorting myself out.....ha blooming ha!!!
If I ever get this room anywhere near organised I shall fall over in shock. Maybe I should accept that I am untidy and just get on with it.....or at least until something falls on my head anyway.

It's stock up day at the local shop today so I had best go and sort the cards out that are going down and get the paperwork ready.

Bye for now


  1. Both cards turned out really well, but I have a decided preference for the Celtic one - I wonder why? ;)

    Your background colouring is always really beautiful and something I struggle with - I guess I need more practice!!

    Take care and I hope you feel better soon,

    Rosie xx

  2. The colouring on the celtic card is amazing - I don't know how you do it, Sheila. (I know I should prefer the music one, bit I'm a girl who loves colour!)


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