Thursday, 7 June 2007

I Wanna Cut My Tongue Out!!!

What a strange title for a blog post I can hear you all!!! But as I seem to be unable to say the word 'NO' that is the only action that I can see that will stop me taking on commissions for cards that are just not in my line at all.
It seems when you make handmade cards that people think you can conjour up miracles and ask for the strangest and in some cases very specialised designs which is something I don't do. I tend to steer clear of doing things like football teams as I design cards I don't just buy stuff to put on cards. I did end up doing a football card the other week as a second choice of subject because the first one I couldn't find anything to make a card with on the subject of horse racing.
So anyway yesterday evening I get a call............ could I make two cards for a 50th birthday for Friday. Yes fine says I. Man or woman? Colour etc, etc. A man and he likes Celtic designs and can you do one with the green man on...........yeah......I'll just nip out and buy a sheet of green man!!!
Now thankfully I do have a passing interest in all things Pagan/Wicca etc so I did to some extent know where I was going with this one but it has taken me a whole day to come up with this design which has annoyed me as I had plans for some work I wanted to get done to get on top of things and I still have to do the Celtic card plus another order for Friday.
Next time I get a call for something odd would you all please shout 'Oi Sheila....NO!!
Anyway...that's the card I ended up with......up there. Quite chuffed with it as the green man is hand drawn and shaded. I then overstamped with a leaf stamp using Versamark and embossed with clear embossing powder. The leaf embossing on the green background is done with a Fiskars texture plate which I then cut to shape and edged with gold Krylon pen.
The larger background is a piece of printed vellum I found in my box and the shape has been marked out with a ruler and a circle shape. The inspiration for that came from those wall fountains you can get with lion heads on.

Well I will go and make a start on the Celtic card now which will be a breeze after that one as I do have some stamps on just that theme luckily. After that there is a 60th birthday with a red guitar........another example of my inability to say!!!

Bye for now


  1. Fantastic card Sheila - what a lot of work though - LOL!!

    Glad the celtic one will be easier!


  2. Wow Sheila, great card and I am so impressed that you have hand-drawn the Green Man. I like the other celtic one too - but can't do the translation! Annie x


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