Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sizzling Stockport

I had such a fab time in Stockport yesterday. The class went really well and the ladies were just so lovely. I came home completely shattered and have done nothing but sleep since I got back which is why I am a bit late blogging this.
The house where I did the class was in such an amazing spot with the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. And after seeing the view from the kitchen window I know that if I lived there I would spend my life washing up just to be able to look out of the window. On a sunny day it was awesome enough but I would love to see it in the snow.
That was my last engagement for a while. I am ready for a little break to have a play with some new techniques and stuff and to catch up with some urgent jobs in the house and garden.
The cards I have posted for you today are half of the article published in Craft Stamper magazine. A gift set using the TandaStamps Retro Women 1 set. I think these stamps are such fun for making girly cards. The set consists of a gift bag made from a manilla envelope, a card made to look like a hosiery shade chart and an altered coaster to pop into the gift bag.
I am about to do another set like like this as a workshop for the shop.
I'll post the other half of the article tomorrow as it is completely different and I think they look better posted as sets.
I am just putting away all of my kit from yesterday and wondering why it won't all fit back where it came from........getting meself in a right tiswas I am so the big clearout is going to have to be soon methinks to make some room in here.
Just want to say thanks so much to Rachel for the lovely message last night and also to let you know that I thought the work you did yesterday was fab.
She is a newbie at stamping and cardmaking but I tell you what..........she is a natural and has a wonderful colour sense.
Well it's been a bit hot and sticky here today with lots of nasty little black beetles flying around so I am off to soak in a cool bath in a minute and then I am going to laze about in the least amount of clothes I can decently get away with and watch TV all night for a change.
Having said that I will probably be bored after a couple of hours and be back in my room doing!!!
Bye for now


  1. Well done Sheila!! It sounds like you had a great day at Stockport... see, they loved you and your cards!!

    Wish I'd been there and I can't wait till October when we meet again.

  2. Rachael Elwell4 June 2007 at 11:40

    i love this style of card, so beautiful.

    I'm making my first card as a gift on Wednesday, and I'm thinking of using the floor polish and tissue paper style, i can't wait, I'll post you the results. (fingers crossed!!).


  3. Great work as usual Sheila!
    Love to read your blog as you're always so chatty!
    By the way...when are you heading for bonnie Scotland????


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