Thursday, 24 June 2010

Special Delivery!!!

Card number two done with the set of stamps by Papermania and a slightly better picture this time.
Papers are gcd Studios again. They were just perfect to go with the image and to give a summery, shabby chic feel to the project.
The stamps are only £3.99 a set which I think is not a bad bargain if you like cutesy images.

I'm in a bit of a tizz at the moment and am considering giving up blogging. I don't seem to be getting enough time to craft for me so am not really producing the sort of thing I became known for at the beginning. I think the blog has become a bit boring so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. I'll miss it I expect but never mind.
I'll leave it up for a few weeks and then remove it if I decide that I am giving up altogether.

I'm very grateful for the support I have had from so many followers and friends I have made both online and through the shop.



  1. Hi Sheila, Just wanted to say I'll miss your blog if you do decide to give it up but I can understand what you're saying. I seem to spend far too much time trying to keep up with my favourite blogs and always like to leave comments when I visit so my actual crafting time is greatly diminished.

    You have provided me with lots of wonderful inspiration and I very often trawl back through your posts until something sets my creativity going again. I especially like all your inky projects.

    Anyway, whatever you decide has to be best for you and my good wishes will go with you.

    Lesley Xx

  2. oh Sheila i will so miss your blog,could you not keep it just for special projects and news so we can keep in touch with you? if not i wish you health, happiness and luck, luv Georginaxx

  3. Hi Sheila, I will so miss your blog if you stop ! it was the first blog I ever followed and was what led me down the" blogging path". I have just decided to stop doing a lot of challenges as I am not doing the stuff I really love to do, how about keeping your inky blog going even if its just an occasional post? Know you have had health problems and also you have your lovely Ruby doodles to spend time with so just want to wish you well in everything you do.Best wishes

  4. Hi Sheila, I too will miss your blog if you decide to give it up, however I can understand how you feel. Since I started blogging I seem to spend more time on the laptop visiting my favourite blogs than actually crafting.
    I also realise that time is precious for you too, who would want to blog when they have Ruby Doodle.
    Whatever you decide I know it will be for the best for you.
    Hopefully we will still keep in touch via the shop.

    Love & Hugs
    Christine xxx

  5. Everyone has spells like this from time to time. Best not to make any hasty decisions. I'm sure in a week or two you'll get your blogging urge back. I hope so, anyway! Meanwhile, enjoy the extra crafting time. :-)

  6. Hi Sheila - found your blog from Lesley (craftimamma) and always check it out when I have time - will miss it, but you have to put yourself first. Thanks anyway for the inspiration, and best wishes

  7. Hi Sheila,
    Wouldn't just writing in your blog whenever you feel like it give you enough time for Ruby and clan? It would be so wonderful to keep in touch with you and your inspirations! Please reconsider.
    I would really hate to lose touch after all your wonderful classes and knowing you. You are a super lady. Thank you for all you do and all you share.
    If you don't, of course I wish you the best of everything in all your endeavors, really I do!
    Ayse xoxo

  8. You cant give up, you'll disappoint too many of us!!

  9. I so understand about time disappearing. I hardly got to blog in June life was so busy. And at this very moment I am going through my 'Blogs I Follow' list trying to shorten it and catch up on my favourite blogs like yours. I hope you keep yours going even if it is a post here and there. Your creations are alway inspirational. I have enjoyed getting to know you. Take care.


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