Monday, 21 June 2010


This little face just begs to be covered in kisses doesn't it?
We had such a lovely time with Ruby staying over for the night on Saturday. She slept her usual twelve hours so obviously being away from home doesn't faze her one bit.
The t shirt she is wearing was bought especially by DDIL for her to wear on Sunday and says Lots of kisses and big hugs for Grandpa. Hubby was thrilled to bits over it.

Today has not been so good. I have felt pretty poorly all day although I couldn't tell you why. I think maybe it has been the heat.
Felt quite a bit better after I had a lie down by the open window and I did fall asleep for a while. Now I feel totally fine and am in the middle of having my head chemically!!!

As you can imagine there hasn't been much crafting going on with the Princess in residence but I have managed some time for it today just going through my obscene pile of Christmas papers and making up card fronts ready to decorate.
I also got out my sewing machine and gave it a wipe down and a bit of a test run as I am thinking of making some things with another obscene pile.....of felt......and a less obscene pile.....of fabric.
I can't remember if it was last year or the year before but I bought some lovely fleecy throws from Ikea for the most ridiculously cheap price and I want to make Ruby a Christmas stocking in the blue and cream.

While DDIL and I were washing up after lunch yesterday we were discussing the colour scheme for the wedding. Ivory and black with a splash of red.....gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I am so glad it's not pastel colours.

Oooh best go.......I'm cooked according to the resident hairdresser.
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  1. Ruby is gorgeous Sheila! What a fab t-shirt!!! Good luck to DH with his interview and I'm so sorry you're not feeling quite right... Lovely to see your 'new' blog look - 'cos it's been a while!
    Rosie xoxox

  2. Ooooooooooooooo Ruby is gorgeous, I can see why you adore her.
    Love her t-shirt, sorry you're not feeling quite right, hope you feel better now. Only just catching up with blogs as we have had a few days away in our caravan.
    Christine xxx


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