Monday, 14 June 2010

Awful Day-Post 2!!!

So......what should have been a fab day out at Cosford Air Show turned into a day of one disaster after another and carried on into today.
It started off about three quarters of an hour into the journey there when for some reason I took the tickets out of my bag and started reading them. When we got them I just checked that there were three and they were all adults tickets and put them back in the envelope. So in small print at the bottom of the ticket it dogs allowed on the airfield......and guess who was in the back of the car....Smudge. Anyway we decided that we would carry on and see what happened when we got there and if we were turned away then so be it.
Next thing the car started making a funny noise so we pulled into a lane and found that one of the back tyres had split.......a new one only six weeks old. Hubby opened the back up to get the spare tyre and the huge pump action flask we always take out with us had fallen over and come open spilling it's contents into the back of the car. Everything that wasn't in a plastic bag was soaked including DD's canvas bag which had her mobile phone in and the brand new book she had bought with her to read if she got bored.
Tyre changed we got to Cosford without further incident and I have to say that they were brilliant. We said that we would keep Smudge at the car and that somebody would be with him at all times but they said it would be fine to take him round so we did but he didn't much like all the crowds so I went back to the car with him and we settled down to watch the airshow. It was all fine until the Tornado came on. Poor Smudge was absolutely frantic and I thought he was going to have a heart attack so that upset me but he was fine again after that had finished.
Then it started thrashing down with rain and the display hubby had been waiting for didn't go ahead so we thought we would set off for home. We pulled into the line of traffic and there we sat for one and a half the same place. It was another hour on top of that before we got out and that was only because we managed to turn around and get to another exit.
.........and to add insult to injury.......hubby took the car in today and he's had to have a new wheel at a cost of £212.
So all in all it was a pretty crap day though there were a couple or three bright spots......we got hubby some fabulous t shirts for Father's Day, DD bought me a beautiful two tier cake stand which is something I have wanted for ages and I bought the matching tea cup and saucer, the Team Breitling display was two Boeing Stearman's with wing walkers and I have never seen such an amazing display in my was awesome!!!........Oooooh I nearly forgot to mention all the very yummy men in uniform.........I think my blood pressure medicine!!!
After all that I think I shall be staying at home for a while where it's!!!

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  1. Sorry your day out didn't go as planned, there's nothing worse when you are looking forward to something and it all goes wrong.

  2. Sorry you had such a rotten day out Sheila, but for me waiting on the byline fretting about what could be so terrible, it actually came as something of a relief to find you're all okay!

    Lesley Xx


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