Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What A Week!!!

Well.........I won't forget this week in a hurry that's for sure.
Monday I had blood tests at the doctors surgery then got a call this morning to go in for an urgent appointment and now all of a sudden I am diabetic. Oh my gawd I just can't believe it. Still it's not as bad as what I thought it might be so at least it's something I can cope with.
What I can't understand is why, with all of the blood tests I had in hospital and at the clinic, wasn't it picked up before?
So that makes me and hubby a matching pair then.

Other fabulous news grandchild is at this moment winging his or her way into the world and will hopefully appear before the night is out........12:01am would suit me as I said it would arrive on the 11th.

I did bring a couple of projects home from work to photograph but I am just so emotional today with one thing and another that I just can't hold the camera still to take a decent pic.

Anyway......I think I am going to treat myself to a soak in the bath and a read of my book to try and calm my jangled nerves. After that I shall be hugging the phone and waiting for news from the hospital.

Hopefully my blog will soon return to it's cheerful, crafty old self and I for one can't wait.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Oh dear Sheila, that's a bloomin nuisance isn't it? The diabetes I mean. My daughter's partner has been diabetic since he was 22 after a viral infection left him with it.

    I look forward to hearing that your new baby has arrived and no doubt you'll give us all the lovely details. Hope the little sweetie doesn't keep you waiting too long after midnight otherwise you won't sleep at all.

    Lesley Xx

  2. woohoo ........ hope the new arrival is here as I type!!

    I agree - diabetes is heaps better than some medical conditions!

    TC and hoping all goes smoothly for you all today!

  3. ooooh how exciting, don't worry you'll cope with it all,we are strong us women, luv georginaxx

  4. The first thought of Diabetes is scarry,but it'll all work itself out you'll see!

    The new baby will help you through it!!!! Can't wait to see what it will be!!!! Enjoy Life Sheila!!!!

  5. Good to hear from you Sheila. At least you know what you're dealing with now and can start to get back on the road to something resembling normal. Look forward to hearing your good news ! Sue x

  6. So glad to hear your health problems weren't something more serious (though diabetes is enough to be going on with!) Hope you start to feel able to cope with it v. soon, and that things start to pick up for you now.


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