Monday, 28 September 2009


Sorry I don't have anything to post tonight. I have had a really busy few days.
Sunday we had BIL and his new partner for lunch so Saturday was spent mucking out the house which has been a tad neglected of late.
Today I have done some batch cooking again. This time I did a huge batch of Chicken and Brocolli for our favourite pie. We will have one tomorrow and the rest have gone in the freezer.
Then I had to rush upstairs design and prep two cards for a class tomorrow and make two birthday cards for tomorrow, one for hubby and one for Deb. Wrap presents etc all the while running up and down stairs to pass hubby tools as he has been doing some work in a very tight area of our back extension which involves climbing over an awkward wall and he doesn't quite get the concept of putting his tools where he can get at!!!
So 9pm I finally got my evening meal and I am now off for a nice soak in the bath before I go and pack my bag ready for morning after which I am going to collapse on the sofa and read for a bit.
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  1. Phew Sheila! That makes me feel whacked just reading the post, Lol!

    Enjoy the comforting soak and the read while curled up on the sofa.

    Lesley Xx


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